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Client Films

Here at Blue Shoes, we create tailored videos for clients from the arts and heritage industries, the third sector, and for companies who are initiating social and environmental change.

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NORA: A Doll's House (Trailer)

Over a century after A DOLL’S HOUSE shocked audiences with its stark portrayal of female married life, this searing adaptation by award-winning writer Stef Smith is rooted in the women’s rights movement, exploring how tightly bound women still are by social convention even as the world seemingly opens-up. This is a muscular domestic thriller that packs a punch - a battle cry, a roar, a ripple of hope.

To Have & To Heal: Ancient Egypt for Modern Times

To Have and to Heal is a unique new arts and wellbeing programme, supporting Covid recovery and resilience, which explores Manchester Museum’s World Class Egyptology collection and popular fascination with ancient Egypt. This is the first of eight videos produced for the museum, the rest can be found here.

YOU?! - Ferocious Dog

The first track from a new album due in 2020, You?! was released to great acclaim and even flirted in the iTunes Charts, peaking at 7 in the Singer/Songwriter charts and threatening the top 100 in the overall charts. Incendiary and as ever on point politically, the Ferocious Dog machine keeps producing.

All I Want for Christmas

ONE GREATER MANCHESTER. A DIGITAL ADVENT JOURNEY INSPIRED BY THE VOICES OF OUR REGION. All I Want for Christmas is a celebration of Manchester, and this dance performance capped off the advent period.

The Northern Boys at Contemporary Six

The inaugural group exhibition of the The Northern Boys will be on display at Contemporary Six, a leading independent art gallery in Manchester city centre. Each of the nine artists contributed a number of plein air paintings to the collection, from Manchester, Venice, London, and more, and after enjoying a 2018 full of awards and accolades from across the nation.

Shakespeare North Playhouse

The opening of this stunning new venue, home to the only 17th-century style timber theatre outside London, was captured for this short promotional film. It included a glorious ceremony for locals, celebrating the heritage and community of Prescot.

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (Trailer)

A devilish offering from award-winning writer David Greig, THE STRANGE UNDOING OF PRUDENCIA HART is a wild musical play that sees Scottish folk songs collide with decadent karaoke under the direction of Debbie Hannan. Oozing with wit, passion, seduction and sambucas, this show is a riotous mix of rhyming couplets, live music and a glimpse of the underworld.

Animal Carer's Badge - Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum’s collection can now support Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides badges. Manchester Museum's vivarium is home to a plethora of exotic species, most of which are endangered amphibian and reptile species. Here are just a few of those animals.

The Mountaintop (Trailer)

Joint Artistic Director Roy Alexander Weise makes his Royal Exchange debut with a brand-new production of Katori Hall’s Olivier Award-Winning THE MOUNTAINTOP. This laugh-out-loud, visceral and powerful drama reimagines the eve of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and asks what the makings of a hero are.

Multilingual Museum

Language need not be an obstacle that separates people from one another, but a driving tool to connect us. Manchester Museum, in partnership with Multilingual Manchester and Blue Shoes Productions, have created this short film to illustrate that embracing the language diversity of our city provides us with the opportunity to learn from each other about culture, history, nation, and belonging.

Second Sight Artists - Macclesfield Barnaby Festival

Seeing Differently showcases the work and practice of the creative communities in Macclesfield, a market town on the edge of the Peak District. Interviews highlight the work of painter Sue Asbury and writer Nick Asbury; filmmaker Charles Eades; ceramicist Rachel Ho; visual artists Sabine Kussmaul and Mike Thorpe. See the rest of the interviews here.

Voices of our NHS

Voices of Our National Health Service is a unique and globally significant oral history collection, created by the NHS at 70 and NHS Voices of Covid-19 projects at The University of Manchester.

The launch of this collection, now catalogued and accessible to the public at the British Library, marks the culmination of more than 5 years’ work involving around 160 volunteers recording over 2,400 interviews with patients, NHS staff, and communities, including experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. More info can be found here.

Rockets and Blue Lights (Trailer)

Winner of the 2018 Alfred Fagon Award, Winsome Pinnock’s astonishing new play retells British history through the prism of the slave trade. Fusing fact with fiction, past with present, the powerfully personal with the fiercely political, this epic production asks who owns our past - and who has the right to tell its stories?

Conservation - Manchester Museum

Volunteers contribute to all areas of Manchester Museum and they have been integral to preparing a huge Japanese incense burner on display. This video highlights the work that has been put in to clean the item ready to go on display when the museum reopens in 2023.

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