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False Alarms: Remembering the Importance of Live Music Following Lockdown

In a world before lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing and coronavirus, we were out filming Nick Parker and the False Alarms at their gig at The Marr’s Bar in Worcester.

From the very start, the band were able to captivate the crowd, and it was great to capture the band and the audience soaking up the lively atmosphere together. Releasing the live music videos has reminded us just how important it is to celebrate music together with friends and family, and it has also made us realise how vital it will be to support bands and music artists post-lockdown so we can continue to enjoy the experience of live music as we go forward.

The current coronavirus pandemic presents a significant threat to the music industry, but when restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to gather in groups again, we can’t wait to be out filming live music once more.

Check out some of the videos from the gig here:

Nick Parker and the False Alarms – The Only Living Boy in New Cross (LIVE)

Nick Parker and the False Alarms – Make Yourself at Home (LIVE)

Nick Parker and the False Alarms – Terry & June/Home For a Rest (LIVE)

Nick Parker and the False Alarms – Half a Song for Suzy/The Other Half (LIVE)

For more videos of the gig, check out Nick’s YouTube here.

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