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Ferocious Dog: A Journey from Working-Class Warsop to Champions of the Folk Punk Genre

‘It’s been 25 years since I believed in any British band….I respect them because they make a difference’ – Chunk Greenburn, Ferocious Dog fan

The feeling amongst Ferocious Dog fans is that the band are more than just six musicians joined together by their love of folk punk music, but that there is meaning behind their lyrics, and that they practice what they preach.

Singing about Thatcher’s Britain, the unity of the working classes, austerity in modern Britain, and family tragedy, Ferocious Dog always touch upon their personal experiences. They continuously give back to the community with food drops for the homeless at every gig they play, and make an effort to interact with their fans before and after gigs. Their fanbase is so devoted, that many have labelled themselves as ‘hellhounds’, adorning themselves with tattoos of the band’s Celtic-style dog logo.

The six-piece have become legends in the British folk punk scene

Born out of the mining town of Warsop in Nottinghamshire, Dan Booth (Violin/Vocals) and his step-dad and ex-miner Ken Bonsall (Lead Vocals/Guitar) have been playing together since the late 1980s. In the proceeding decades they’ve added extra members, recorded 4 albums, and relentlessly toured up and down the country, in Europe, and even playing in Dubai and Kenya.

Ferocious Dog performed at the O2 Ritz as part of Manchester Folk Festival 2019

Blue Shoes Productions have been welcomed into the Ferocious Dog family, and recently had the privilege of filming their performance at the O2 Ritz Manchester as part of Manchester Folk Festival 2019, creating a music video for their latest single ‘You?!’. Their 5th album is due for release in 2020, and Blue Shoes will continue to work with the band on new music videos and digital content in the coming months.

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