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From Kinshasa to Bradford: The Story of Jenny Dakosta Van Mputu

Meet Jenny, a Congolese-born political activist and asylum seeker currently residing in Bradford. Jenny fled to the UK in 2006 for protection and has been living here ever since, waiting for his asylum case to come to a settlement after nearly thirteen years of uncertainty.


Jenny fled the Congo in 2006 and has lived in the UK ever since

We met with Jenny recently to hear about his journey from Africa to Yorkshire, his inspiring human rights campaigning in DR Congo and his struggle to find regular food and sanctuary. He is currently living without a permanent home in the UK and spends most of his time in Bradford library for shelter.


Jenny is a devout Christian who uses his faith to get through the struggles of his daily life

Jenny’s life hangs in the balance as he awaits a decision from the Home Office on his case, but he doesn’t let that affect his jovial spirit and his hope for the future both for himself, and for his country.

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