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The Aspect Ecosystem Mapping Project: Using Blue Shoes as an Example of Innovation

We have recently been the subject of a case study as part of a series produced by the Aspect Ecosystem Mapping Project. The project, part of the Entrepreneurship Community of Practice, aims to share examples of best practice and showcase exceptional stories of innovation, entrepreneurship and research commercialisation in the social sciences.

Here is an excerpt from the case study:

'Blue Shoes Productions is a socially responsible production company based in Manchester, which specialises in documentary filmmaking and promotional video productions. The start-up creates innovative video content for organisations that are implementing social and cultural change Using documentary filmmaking, Blue Shoes Productions seeks to tell the unique and hidden histories of artistic wealth that exists in the North of England region. Ultimately, they are working to build a platform to raise the underrepresented stories, voices, and cultures.

Using documentary filmmaking to challenge the mainstream stereotypes, their films highlight important societal issues such as migration and refugee experiences. The co-founders, Jake Gill, Liam Steers and Alexander Deniston, met as History Masters students at the University of Manchester (UoM) where they each took a three-month documentary filmmaking module. Ultimately, they seek to use the medium of film to highlight core societal issues and to build a platform to raise underrepresented voices in society.

The right to fair representation is the core social mission of Blue Shoes Productions. As a company, they are committed to working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequalities, eliminating poverty and building a more sustainable planet. Social responsibility is a key aspect of the start-up and they ensure that their films and client projects individually feed into achieving one of the 17 UN SDGs. Recently, they have been working on projects that reduce poverty (goal 1), provide quality education (goal 4), and reduce inequalities (goal 10). They are especially passionate about locating and circulating the untold stories of those who are traditionally underrepresented and raise awareness of the inequalities and injustices in our world in order to foster real change.'

To download the full case study on Blue Shoes Productions, click below.

Blue Shoes Productions Aspect Case Study
Download • 2.24MB

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