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Tales to Inspire: Building a Platform to Share Heartwarming Stories of Survival and Recovery

As we’re all stuck inside during lockdown, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel inspired to motivate ourselves to do something productive.

Tales to Inspire is a platform that shares inspiring messages and brings interesting stories of courage, overcoming hardship and transformation together in one place. The organisation’s founder, Krish Patel, started the organisation with the sole purpose ‘to make a positive difference in inspiring our audience’.

Last month, just before we were plunged into the coronavirus pandemic, we had the pleasure of filming Tales to Inspire’s first live event, which took place in Manchester. The evening featured a smorgasbord of stories told by inspiring individuals, including Danny Collins and Nicola Samson.

Danny works for Invisible Manchester and leads highlight tours of Manchester.

Danny is an ‘adopted Mancunian’, poet and singer, who has spent much of his life sleeping rough in the city centre. Now though, he has become the face of Invisible Manchester, a charity which organises walking tours around the city. The tours highlight historical landmarks through the unique perspectives of their tour guides, who have all been affected by homelessness.

Nicola’s tale is very different. After graduating from university, Nicola spent time in Uganda working for an education charity. After seeing children experience poverty first hand, she decided to found SALVE International (Support And Love Via Education). SALVE supports children on the streets of Uganda, and aims to reintegrate them with their families or help them into foster care.

Nicola has helped to resettle many children in Uganda through her organisation SALVE.

These are just two of the fascinating stories that have been disseminated by Tales to Inspire, and they are working hard to build a collection of heartwarming stories of survival and charity to encourage people to help others that are in need.

Krish and the speakers of the first Tales to Inspire live event

To watch the amazing and inspiring stories that we captured at their first live event, make sure to check out their Facebook Live series which will be shared online from May 7th.

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